Promoting critical thinking amidst the era of AI

Promoting critical thinking amidst the era of AI

As the power of artificial intelligence (AI) continues to grow in Vietnam and around the world, critical thinking is becoming more and more valuable.  

And the British Vietnamese International School Hanoi (BVIS Hanoi) is already ahead of the game. 

Digital Society, a new and dynamic subject, was introduced last year to develop a greater depth in each child’s critical thinking and digital awareness. The subject teaches students – from young children to teenagers – how to approach AI responsibly while having fun and learning with exciting new tools at their fingertips. 

The subject’s creator, Head of Business Studies, Economics and Computer Science, Emma Goldie said after careful consultation with students, educational leaders and parents, the content was tailored to meet the curiosities and concerns of the BVIS Hanoi community. 

“We’re currently exploring AI in education, machines and how they learn, the importance of using data for training, and AI system biases. We’re focusing on fostering critical thinking to ensure that our children know how to think, and not what to think,” said Emma. 

“Second language learners are particularly vulnerable to digital biases, especially when AI detectors are used to assess their work – there are biases against non-native English writers. That was an eye-opening revelation for our students – a lesson that will stay with them for life.” 

Within the subject, each child is challenged to critically analyse the role of AI in education, AI’s societal impact, and question its reliability as an information source. Students are also encouraged to explore issues through a diverse lens of perspectives, considering things like possible variations between developing and developed countries. 

“By integrating Digital Society into our curriculum at BVIS Hanoi, we’re fostering critical thinking in a whole generation that will feel empowered to navigate the complexities of the digital world responsibly and ethically,” said Emma. “The subject will continue to evolve to ensure it stays relevant, challenging and engaging for students.” 

In the first week of March, Emma Goldie joined fellow leading Nord Anglia Education academic experts from around the world in Hanoi, Vietnam, to explore innovative approaches in teaching and learning to ensure children are prepared to thrive in the future world of work. 

Hosted by Nord Anglia Education schools the British International School Hanoi and the British Vietnamese International School, world education leaders met with parents, students and the wider Hanoi community to share best practice, exciting research on AI in education, and pioneering ideas. 

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